The all-in-one Creator Relationship Management Tool.

Find the right creators, manage influencers, monitor content and save your time by 50% on influencer marketing when you move away from Microsoft Excel Sheet or Google Sheets.

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Save Time

Efficiently manage your influencers.

Save time by managing all your influencers, collaborations, campaigns and influencer-generated content easily in one place.

An all-in-one solution for influencer marketing management, with a focus on creator relationships and influencer relationships building.


Reporting and analysis.

Detailed influencer marketing metrics allow you to reward high-performers and re-run successful campaigns. You can access ROI at the program, campaign and individual level.


Organize your influencers, based on your needs

Add your current and potential influencers to the board, and organize them in a list.

  • by status (Shortlisted, Outreached, …)
  • by platform (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok)
  • …and many other customisable criteria.

Additionally, you can add labels to every influencer, and filter your influencer list by labels.


How it all works

Influencer discovery and analysis

Find influencers, conduct analytics, list segmentation and relationship management capabilities of a CRM.

Easy campaign creation

Create briefs, branded landing pages and track product content along with influencer product shipment.

Track Performance

Tools to track the performance of each influencers in a campaign and compare them to each other.


Question & Answer

Influencer management is a subsection of creator management, as an influencer is a type of creator. Creator management involves developing relationships and overseeing partnerships with all sorts of creators, including influencers, athletes, artists, affiliates, bloggers, and more.

The demand for influencers keeps growing, which means brands find themselves competing to find, acquire and keep the best influencers.

Just like a professional customer relationship management strategy will give you a competitive advantage when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers, creator relationship management will help you to build up a strong relationship with desirable creators, and keep them happy and loyal to your brand long-term.

StarNgage helps you scale your Creators relationships, sales and create a valuable brand using the power of creator partnerships.

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