Community Marketing For Brands

"Your brand is not what you say it is, it is what your customers say it is."

Branding is what people say about you.

Having a brand identity does not just make your product more memorable; it makes your brand more authoritative in the marketplace.

The best brands and campaigns are built upon a strong community.

Community marketing is a form of marketing that harnesses what customers, influencers, ambassadors and affiliates are saying about you, and enables you to turn that user-generated content into authentic community voices that are critical for growth in this age of digital marketing.

There are more new brands today than ever before, but many of them struggle to be discovered with traditional marketing.

As the leading platform for influencer and community marketing, StarNgage is helping brands to build communities of ambassadors and affiliates to share their brand stories at scale.

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The Future of Commerce is Community

As consumers demand more awareness, virality, and influential, trusted voices recommending products, up-and-coming brands struggle to connect with today’s educated buyers.

With a new wave of “community marketing”, we’re helping businesses to grow and empowering their users to do what they love.