Affiliate Marketing

Accelerate Your Affiliate Marketing

Drive your ecommerce growth from influencers through affiliate marketing programs. ​Affiliate programs benefit ecommerce shops of all sizes, and it works especially well for brands that have existing relationships with potential influencers and are focused on increasing revenue.

How it works


Set up your affiliate program using StarNgage Pro. You will likely need to hire an affiliate manager to recruit, filter, help, and communicate with affiliates, especially after the program starts to gain traction.


Make sure to add a link or signup form for your affiliate program in your website’s header or footer.


Your customers already know your product. When they make a purchase, invite them to join your program. They may already be sharing their love of your product with their friends and family, so adding a financial incentive might increase their referrals.


To connect with influencers, start with targeted searches, creator marketplaces and ecommerce integrations.


Keep track of what’s working, so you can replicate success throughout your entire program. Influencer affiliate marketing programs have a few success indicators including number of sales orders per influencer and value of sales per influencer. The overall program revenue gives you a bigger picture of your program’s effect on growth.

Generate unique links for your affiliate community so you can track revenue produced by each affiliate and attribute ROI to each individual.

It is a good practice to follow up with your affiliates on a regular basis. In particular, those who haven’t been active since sign up. You might also want to consider organizing motivational contests that give an additional incentive for your affiliates.

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