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Incorporating Integrated Influencer Marketing Throughout the Customer Journey

There is a growing demand to formulate integrated influencer marketing strategies which will weave together mega-Influencers, macro-Influencers and micro-Influencers as well as merge other well-established word-of-mouth strategies such as Ambassador and Affiliate Programmes. All of which will result in an integrated customer experience strategy.

Influencer marketing aims to build an experience and emotional connection between a brand and their target customers. This means building relevant content touch-points along the entire customer journey.

Depending on which point of the journey a marketer may be focusing their efforts on, different influencers, content channels and strategies can be employed.

How it works


Find influencers based on user criteria including all the engagement metrics, audience demographic and topics of influence. It is about finding the right fit between an influencer and a brand. A good fit between an influencer and brand is one where the mission, visions, messaging and identities align.


Communicate with influencers via the platform to discuss the engagement. Main features focus on community management and direct messaging.


Engage influencers for an unpaid activity like writing a social media post. This is quite common for product sampling.


Engage influencer for a paid activity like speaking at an event or creating content, usually on sponsored content or pay per content creation model.


Allow the advertising to review the content prior to promotion. This depends on whether a brand takes a hands-on or hands-off approach with their creative direction.


Advanced metrics and analytics for performance management to track the visitors, page views, click through rate and conversion rate. Analytics like these allow brands to understand the results of the influencers’ post, whether it is engagement, web traffic, earned media value or ROI.

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