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Are you tired of missing out on valuable user-generated content (UGC) and influencer interactions on Instagram and TikTok? Unlock the power of social media with our cutting-edge tracking tool designed exclusively for brands and agencies to track tagged posts on Instagram and TikTok. Schedule a FREE consultation and product demo with our team today!

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Introducing Seamless Instagram and TikTok Tag Tracker!

Our innovative tool empowers you to effortlessly track every Instagram and TikTok post where your brand's account is tagged by users and influencers. Never again let a valuable mention slip through the cracks. Stay informed about who's talking about your brand and leverage these interactions to skyrocket your online presence.

Comprehensive Tracking

Keep an eagle eye on every tag and interaction involving your brand's Instagram and TikTok accounts. Stay in the loop and engage with your audience effectively.

Influencer & Brand Ambassador Search

Identify and nurture your relationships with influencers and potential brand ambassadors who are actively engaging with your brand. Harness the potential of influencer partnerships.

Influencer Campaign Tracking

Track your influencer campaign to ensure the influencers you work with have published the posts and tagged your brand's accounts. Analyze the top-performing posts to optimize your campaign results.

Competitor Analysis

Keep a tab on your rivals and uncover discussions about them among your target audience. Identify collaborating influencers, evaluate the performance of their posts and outperform your competitors!

Why Choose Our Social Media Tagged Tracker?

Easy to Use

Simply enter your brand’s Instagram and TikTok handles and get immediate insights about the tagged posts on Instagram and TikTok. No technical setup or coding skills required.

Comprehensive & Affordable

Pay less for more data and functionalities. Streamline content and influencer campaign tracking, along with competitor analysis, all on a single platform.

Advanced Analysis and Exporting Tools

Dive into valuable metrics such as follower count, engagement rates and easily export data in various formats including CSV and PDF.

Loved by Fortune 500 & Other Industry Leaders

Join 30,000+ global brands and agencies from all over 180 countries to scale up your social media and influencer marketing campaign with us!

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